How We Work



  • Before we start work we always find out what your business is hoping to achieve through
    working with us. We then create a tailored approach which meets your business’s specific aims.
    Rather than spending hours creating a video online for free, let us the professionals do work
    and you can reap the rewards.
  • Script- Using your brief we will create a script which clearly portrays your message in a clear
    and concise manner.
  • Storyboard –The storyboard will allow you to clearly visualise how end product will look, no
    nasty surprises when it comes to the final output!
  • Voice Over- We have numerous experienced voice over artists on hand, to cater for any style
    you require.
  • Animation of The Final Product –This is where our business really excels, using our industry
    experience we will create you a video which your clients will love and competitors will hate.
  • Sound FX –Upon consultation and after the video has been approved, we will add sound FX
    and explainer video music. This really helps bring the video to life, giving your animation the
    wow factor.
  • Final Output- Once all of the steps above have been completed we will send you the final
    output for your approval. We know you will be impressed, however we are not happy until our
    clients are happy so if there is any last minute changes you require, please do let us know.

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