Who Are We?

IndulgeInDesign is a animation company, with years of industry knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on creating work that our clients love.

What We Offer

We offer clients a range of services, from 2D / 3D animations to motion graphics and whiteboard animations. Offering these broad range of services allows us to create content that is perfect for your business’s goals.



We have boxed up our complex and professional processes into three simple packages, to make your life as easy as possible when looking for a explainer video price.

Specialised Knowledge

Over the past 10 years of team of animation experts have built up a wealth of knowledge in the following software. We will use this industry leading leading software to bring to life ideas and stories, that your business wants to convey.

Why use IndulgeInDesign

It is our mission to help you connect with your clients. We do this through specifically tailored animated marketing videos.

Why would we make the perfect team?

  • Massively Boost Sales- We create the best company videos, that have been proven to drive
    sales through the roof. With the rise of viral videos the potential for growth is exponential.
  • Create A Brand Clients Love –People buy stories, convey your business’s story and let clients
    see what you are all about. This will enable your business to forge an emotional connection with
    your clients, creating long lasting business relationships.
  • Keep Clients Engaged Animated-videos are a simple yet effective way of portraying your
    business’s message, without boring your client with walls of text.
  • Reach Your Business’s Aspirations-We know each of our clients will have their own specific
    goals. We tailor each of our videos to make sure you reach those goals. Whether you need a
    start up video production company or something more corporate, we will meet your needs.


Our Blog

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How We Work
HOW WE WORK Before we start work we



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Please get in touch, we would love to see how both of our businesses can work together to help you reach your goals and aspirations.